How to Make An Eagle Scout Pin Cake for 200 People

Eagle Pin Sheet Cake

Eagle Scout Pin Sheet Cake for over 150 people

Due to my son’s multiple food allergies, I’ve always baked all of his cakes and treats, which basically need to be vegan. Early on I taught myself how to do special designs. Now his Eagle Scout celebration was upon us.

I’d never baked a sheet cake so my husband purchased a half sheet baking pan measuring 12 x 18. Unfortunately it didn’t arrive with a recipe. After much research, I discovered that one half sheet baking pan requires three standard cake batter recipes (for two 9″ cakes). I also went out and bought a couple of different icing decorating kits so I would have one container for each color.

As the RSVPs rolled in, the number of guests kept rising and I continually recalculated how many sheet cakes I needed. We confirmed 185 people and I faced an enormous task of baking four sheet cakes.

After carefully planning out the process, here’s what I did!

First, I printed out a photo of an Eagle Scout pin and divided it into four equal sections for the four sheet cakes. If you had two or three cakes, you would divide the image accordingly.

Eagle Cake 1

I baked two classic vanilla and two chocolate love sheet cakes. That was 6 recipes of each! I lined them up on an aluminum-covered plywood board and alternated the chocolate and vanilla so there would be variety when cutting the cake for our guests.

Eagle Cakes

Then using the photo as a guide, I carefully used a very sharp knife to cut the outline. Concentrate on the lines from one section to the next. Be brave!

Eagle Cake 2

A base coat of white icing was put on the whole cake. Then, I used a butter knife to “draw” the details of the pin in the icing. If you make a mistake you can smooth the icing back using the knife and try it again. You can see the faint lines on the cake below. It’s easier to make a mistake this way then to have to remove colored icing later. Get it looking exactly as you would like.

Eagle Cake 3

Next I used “silver” icing (mixing blue, a little black, and a little red) to outline all the highlighted metal pieces on the top and bottom of the Eagle pin design.

Eagle Cake 4

Then the rest of the silver, which should be slightly darker in color, should be filled in between these outlines. I used a flat leaf type attachment for the feathers. Write “Be Prepared” on the top and B S A on the bottom.

Eagle Cake 5

Final step, add that blue and red for the ribbon! I kept the sides white because I was exhausted and couldn’t bear to make more icing and color it!

Eagle Cake 6

Icing took about 8 hours. Hopefully this post will save time for you.

Transporting this cake was a challenge. The plywood wasn’t strong enough so we grabbed a thicker board for underneath. It didn’t fit in a car trunk or the back seat of the pickup cab! Luckily we still have our classic Jeep Cherokee and it fit with the back with the seat down. A passenger van would work too. Make sure to be prepared for the transport and have at least four people to carry it with their arms extended underneath!

Enjoy and congratulations to your Eagle Scout!

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