The Secrets of Sticky Fingers’ Sweets – Book Review

Sticky Fingers bookOn Valentine’s Day, we visited our local vegan distributor, Pangea. The largely online store has limited Saturday hours for those of us lucky enough to live nearby. When we are free and running errands in Rockville, MD we stop by and replenish our supply of vanilla chocolate chips and cheese sauce.

My hubby picked up Doron Petersan’s book, Sticky Fingers’ Sweets, 100 Super-Secret Vegan Recipes, so I bought it for him. I didn’t know she had a recipe book! I’d recently seen the news about her opening a second bakery in DC. Somehow I’d missed the book from 2012.

For the last 17 years our family has baked without dairy and eggs due to extensive food allergies. It took me six years to perfect a chocolate cake. Although people have a prejudice against vegan foods, I know that my baking is better than most others and sells out quickly at any bake sale. However, I also know that the sheet cakes and cupcakes from Sticky Fingers sweets & eats are scrumptious. Every bite melts in your mouth and she has won over non-vegan bakers in Cupcake Wars.

Now I can know her secrets!

The first thing I noticed is that she uses all of the same base ingredients as I do only in slightly different amounts. We use Earth Balance margarine and shortening, So Delicious coconut milk, and Ener-G egg replacer . My perfected chocolate cake depends on cocoa powder, vegetable oil, and vinegar too.

She emphasizes following the order of her directions. Looking through all the recipes, I agree with her methods. Usually I need to rearrange a recipe for it to work well. This point was brought home to me a couple of weeks ago, when my youngest was following one of the recipes I use and I had to explain the changes to almost every step. Her recipes make sense.

The first recipes I tried were the Sugar Cookies and icing for our Valentine heart treats. My sons friends loved them without being told they were vegan and our family ate the whole batch. The lemon oil in the dough and larger quantity of vanilla in the icing made a difference in what was otherwise my regular recipes for both. After all these years, the book has reaffirmed my methods.

Although I cooked with tofu for the last 35 years, I haven’t been using it as much lately. Tofu seems to be one of the secrets to great creme and I can’t wait to make the Tiramisu Filling. Last year I started experimenting with coconut milk for puddings and hot chocolate and now I have some other ways to try it.

I love her bakery and now I love her book! Watch me gain another ten pounds.  Regardless, I am at the feet of a genius.

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  1. We tried the Blueberry Muffins this morning and they were absolutely delicious! I’ll keep making a comment with every new recipe!

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