Thinking Not Mind Wandering

Thinking This week after one of my chair yoga classes, I said, “thinking not mind wandering”. This seemed to be a new concept. Here was a group of seniors in their 70’s and 80’s and they had never pondered the difference.

I told them it’s okay to plan and learn with their brains but they needed to be aware of when they were allowing their minds to wander.

Studies have shown that when we are lost in thought, we usually aren’t happy. Our brain thinks back in endless loops or imagines worries which might not occur.

This is why even if my students can’t do every pose, the class is still so very beneficial. By concentrating on the breath and breathing deeply, the mind is made to think about the present moment. Adding the yoga poses and movements forces the brain to think about what the body is doing so there isn’t a chance for the mind to wander. This is why yoga makes you feel better. Yoga helps you escape the brain and think about what is really happening.

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