Review: Buoy Seat Is a Healthier Sitting Option

Bouy Seat

When my teenage sons wanted their own rooms, I gave up my office and created a space in the master bedroom. My little corner was transformed with a corner desk but I couldn’t find an appropriate seat. I wanted to keep our antique rocking chair under the window and add a seat in the small space in front of the desk. What could possibly fit?

My back also couldn’t take sitting in a traditional office chair. I needed to move, stretch my back, and open my hips. I saw a tv segment on the Buoy Seat by Turnstone. At first I thought the $200 price tag was too much. As I researched different types of chairs and obvious rip offs of the Buoy Seat, I decided the only thing I wanted for Christmas was a Buoy Seat. From their website:

We’ve all seen the research.
Excessive sitting doesn’t do anything to boost your wellbeing. Luckily, experts say that combatting negative sedentary effects can be as simple as interrupting your day often and making frequent posture changes.

That’s where Buoy comes in. Pneumatic height adjustability gives you 5 inches of play, allowing you to sit comfortably at your desk. And with up to 12 degrees of tilt, core muscles fire up as you lean in and swivel, while legs work to keep you balanced, upright and focused on the task at hand. Perfect for quick tasks, Buoy will revolutionize the way you sit.

The Buoy Seat experience has been pretty good. Granted the first time I sat on it I fell over onto the rocking chair and hurt my arm. Although it looks flat on the bottom, it really does pivot on one point. You need to be careful! My lower back doesn’t feel compressed even when sitting for longer stretches. You can adjust the height of the seat and I find myself changing it occasionally to use the balls of my feet more. Since my yoga and gym routines provide a pretty good core workout, I’m not sure if the seat will increase my core strength but it certainly forces me to use my core more and sit up straight.

I’m happy with the Buoy Seat. My office space finally feels complete and I enjoy sitting at the laptop now.  With the Buoy seat I can bend, rotate, and spin. Since I teach chair yoga, sitting is all about moving!

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