The Zombies Are Already Here


You see zombies all over the place. They walk with a distracted, slow gait. Their bodies are hunched over. They’re unresponsive and looking down. I have no doubt that the zombie apocalypse has begun!

Last night I was walking home from a school meeting and a guy almost walked right into me because he was bent over his phone. As we drew near, the woman with him had fallen in behind to let me pass but he had no idea someone was on the sidewalk. Sadly he wasn’t paying attention to me or her.

Whenever I’m walking I see the same situation. Zombies are everywhere. People notice me at the last second and look up. The worst zombies are the moms and dads pushing baby carriages. This generation will grow up thinking it’s normal to ignore the world around you.

As a society we are becoming much less mindful. Our brains are addicted to electronic distractions. We never take a few minutes to notice our breath and remove ourselves from the unimportant details of the day.

My exercise walking route goes through two parks. These spring days have been uplifting. The herons, geese, turtles, birds, flowers, trees, sun, and sky can boldly bring me into a wonderful present moment. Walking can be a terrific meditation if you keep your mind on each detail of your surroundings, senses, and breath.

Although it’s illegal to use a phone when behind the wheel of a car, more than half of the drivers I see are illegally on their phones. Yesterday’s worst offender was a woman in her large SUV driving down our street holding the phone near the windshield. I guess she thought she could text and see the view in front of her large and deadly vehicle as she maneuvered down a residential street.

This is obviously dangerous but it’s also illegal to text while stopped for red lights. Each stop provides an excellent chance to bring your attention to your breath. Feel it filling your body and rest the mind. This is the much needed opposite of what a phone offers.

Whether walking or driving, avoid a zombie infection!

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