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Parenting Like A Hawk

My husband noticed the hawk first. The loud squawking had been in the background as we enjoyed a relaxing conversation outside. He explained that she was trying to teach her babies to leave the nest and fly. I started to … Continue reading

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Challenging Myself When Meditating

Lately I dive into the day without meditating. Upon waking, I take care of a few tasks, turn on the laptop, check notifications, confirm my schedule, and check the news. With my world swirling in my mind, I sit down … Continue reading

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Summer Tip: Take An Insulated Bag to the Grocery Store

This year our County legislated a 5 cent charge for all plastic and paper bags at stores. Many other jurisdictions also have this fee to cut down on littering such as LA and Washington DC (which was first). Although I’ve been … Continue reading

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