A Positive Approach At Our New Local Online Magazine

Tomorrow I will join Rockville Living as the Managing Editor of the Style section of its new online magazine. This local effort is encouraging in so many ways.

First of all, the editors are being respected as writers and are being paid. If you haven’t tried to freelance you might not understand the importance of this statement. The state of online publishing is dismal for many content writers. Some sites pay you a penny per hit or if you get the most hits. Sadly, this means you’re in competition with your fellow writers. As stated on one of my favorite new blogs, The Hyperlocalist, let’s hear a big “amen” for not writing for ”exposure” but rather being paid what you’re worth.

At Rockville Living all the editors will share in the financial success. We’re a team working together to promote the magazine and website. We help each other with facts for articles and suggestions for interviews, while depending on each other for encouragement and help. The more successful the site becomes with advertising, the more we will be paid. The very basis of this financial structure forces us to work as a team for success and improvement. We’re all in it together for each other and our community.

Throughout the country, communities are struggling during these difficult economic times. As I travel around Rockville, I see shops and restaurants closing. Some I never expected. Times are tough for business. We have a local campaign called Buy Rockville which encourages people to spend money in our hometown. Every dollar spent locally filters back around in the community. Rockville Living has been volunteering to assist the effort with its business directory. Now a more formal arrangement has been made with the local Chamber of Commerce. The magazine content will give people another reason to visit Rockville Living’s event and business listings. While they are reading, they can learn about local businesses and might support them. My magazine content and promotions could help the local economy.

Rockville Living “Celebrates the Good Life” in Rockville. It may seem like just another online magazine but it’s already improving the situation for local writers and hopefully it will improve the situation for local businesses too.

I invite you to stop by and read a few even if you don’t live in Rockville. Although Max van Balgooy will be covering “Do, Dine and See” which is local, the magazine will have pieces of interest no matter where you live. Diane Stuart (“Home and Garden”) has an informative article on cleaning up your garden after this harsh winter. Brad Rourke (Tech) interviews two new iPad owners. Paul Triolo inspires with his “Health and Fitness” topic. Meanwhile, I wandered around to find “Fun and Fashion The Avatar Way” which might give you a few ideas before the DVD release on April 22nd. Most of all, I’m appreciating the opportunity to be creative and hope you will too.

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  1. Virginia McConnell says:

    Congratulations! What an exciting new venture for you!

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